Day-to-day protection 

with Hoya premium coated lenses

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Cherish your eyes

Are you aware of the many challenges your eyes face throughout the day? Did you know that UV rays from the sun can damage your eyes? Or that blue light from mobile devices and TV screens can give you eye strain? Scratches or stains on your lenses can also have a negative impact on your vision.
Hi-Vision LongLife + UV Control and Hi-Vision LongLife + BlueControl are coatings for your lenses that are specially designed to protect your eyes. You can choose for all-round UV protection or extra comfort in a digital world. This helps your eyes to remain healthy and your vision to stay clear. On top of that, it’s the most durable type of lens coating today.*
*NSLAnalytical ESWT, August 2015, 1.67 premium HMC products

Your optician offers you 3 types of Hoya lens coatings

The necessary comfort in your digital world

You may not realise it, but your eyes suffer a lot in our digital-minded world. You’re constantly texting, playing, surfing and working on digital devices. Long-term exposure to blue light from these screens can cause eye strain, have an impact on your sleep pattern and contribute to retinal damage. 

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Protect your eyes against the dangers of UV

Do you love being outdoors? Or do you work outdoors? If so, you should be aware that UV light can harm your eyes throughout the year. This is true even in winter, when UV rays are less noticeable. UV is the largest cause of cataracts and other eye disorders and diseases.  

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The most durable anti-reflective coating

This all-round anti-reflection coating is tested best in class once more in scratch resistance and durability, especially when it comes to cleanability. Hi-Vision LongLife is the best coating on the market.

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